Shilav Khavarmianeh Field of Activity:

Geotechnics, Rock and Soil Tests, Tunneling, Driving Pile, Boring Pile, Micropiling, Drilling, Deep foundation, Deep Soil Mixing, Consolidation injection and Nailing

In 4 Main Parts: Design – Implementation – Supervision – Teststing





Pile Foundation

Pile Foundation description

Pile foundation is categorized under deep foundations which provides more structural safety and stability for the superstructure constructed above. This type of deep foundation is costlier and massive in construction when compared to shallow foundation. The reason for choosing pile foundations when compared with shallow foundations is purely based on certain conditions of the site.

Pile Foundation Applications

The basic conditions for which the pile foundation can be applied are, when

  1. The Compressibility of the Soil is Less
  2. The foundation subjected to horizontal force
  3. The presence of expansive or collapsible soils
  4. The action of Uplift forces
  5. The loss of bearing capacity of soil